Still Standing: Innocence work in England and Wales




England and Wales, Innocence Projects, Clinical Legal Education, English Criminal Justice System


This article examines the two categories that have evolved in the literature concerning Innocence Projects; the pedagogical value of innocence work and the problems with associating the term innocence with the English criminal justice process. This research draws upon a study undertaken in 2017 by the Innocence Project London (unpublished) and another in 2020. Both studies sought to understand the extent to which organisations are undertaking innocence work in England and Wales.  This research is written from the perspective of the Directors of both the Innocence Project London and Manchester Innocence Project, and as a result, the projects are discussed at length in various sections. An effort has been made however, to discuss other organisations that undertake similar work in various parts of this article.




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Hewitt, L., & McGourlay, C. (2021). Still Standing: Innocence work in England and Wales. The Wrongful Conviction Law Review, 2(3), 226–239.